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  2. Volume 5 - Other Game Policies Other Games Policy 1: Usage of Games The games of the community should be used to meet people to play the video with. May not be for any other reason. Other Games Policy 2: Out of Community When you are playing with community members on a different game and/or representing the community, all community policies must be followed.
  3. Volume 3 - FiveM / Roleplay Policies IC- In-character is in your character’s world and not real life. OOC - Out-of-character is outside your character’s life or outside the role-play world (real life). Using double brackets represents OOC in a IC document. For example, “Provide your government ID number ((player ID)).” Roleplay Policy 1: In-Character & Out-Of-Character You are to remain IC, at all times. Do not reference OOC items ICly. Any applications used may not be said IC. In a IC document to say something OOCly use double brackets. Example 1: Telling person to get on the TeamSpeak. Example 2: Telling a person your game crashed. Correct Way: Hey, I went to sleep (other methods are accepted). Example 3: Telling a person to your going offline. Example 4: Telling a person you are going to go sleep ((go offline)). Roleplay Policy 2: Metagaming Do not use OOC information IC, especially for your or another character’s benefit. A IC stream or show will be accepted, but must clearly be IC information. Example 1: Using the Teamspeak lobby lounge to communicate IC. Correct Way: Using the civilian communications in the TeamSpeak to communicate having radios in-game ((there must be a IC reason to use them. Like phone calls)). Example 2: Using information gathered from a streamer’s stream to rob their items. Example 3: Calling an IC friend from the in-game phone system. Roleplay Policy 3: Deathmatching Do not seek revenge after being killed or downed to a hospital without a roleplay reason. Example 1: Killing a character back because that person killed you. Example 2: You hunt down a player because that player made you mad OOCly. Example 3: Shooting at a player because he killed two of your family members. Roleplay Policy 4: Random Deathmatching & Vehicle Deathmatching Any action that causes harm or death to another player must have a roleplay reason behind it. Any injury or death caused by a vehicle must have a good and fair roleplay reason behind it. Your much start with proper role-play or initiate before doing any harm to the player. Example 1: Killing someone because you feel like it. Example 2: Being a murderer and randomly killing people. Example 3: Shooting at a player in self-defense. Example 4: Be a serial killer and have a pattern, like weather, day, victim. (Prefered to kill people who partake in things that could lead to a roleplay reason for them to be killed like crime, politics, or criminal justice system). Then going up to a player and give the player a chance to find out what is going on before killing that player. Example 5: Have a mental breakdown (be careful, only do this if you have background and it makes sense. Be aware that this is risky and you might get punished for this). Then going up to a player going crazy and giving time for them to respond. Roleplay Policy 5: Community Rules All roleplay must follow all community rules. Punishments may be adjusted due to what you are roleplaying. The only exceptions are your rights like freedom of speech. Roleplay Policy 6: PowerGaming Do not force roleplay on another player. Anything that will physically affect a character must have the player’s OOC prior consent. Do not role-play anything that is not possible in real life. Example 1: Saying items are in the vehicle when they are in your inventory via a /me. Example 2: Forcing a player to kill off their character. Example 3: Doing a /me slices person into pieces. Example 4: Cutting a character’s arms off without prior OOC consent. Example 5: Doing a /me grabs knife and stabs person multiple times. With prior OOC consent. Roleplay Policy 7: Game Mechanics Do not abuse game mechanics or scripts. Do not exploit any scripts or game mechanics. All exploits or bugs must be reported to the development team! Example 1: Finding a money glitch to become rich. Example 2: Reporting a glitch to the development staff. Role-play Policy 8: Fear Role-play You must show fear when being at gunpoint or cornered by police. Example 1: Shooting at ten officers with no way of escaping (acknowledge the fact you can’t win the fight). Example 2: Pulling out your gun when at gunpoint. Example 3: Waiting for people robbing you to leave then fire shots back after. Example 4: Fire shots if/when the robbers get distracted and looks away. Role-Play Policy 9: Unrealistic Role-play Roleplay must be realistic at all times. Example 1: Roleplaying as a dog (You can have a mental disorder that would make you act like a dog). Example2: Entering the back of a police station without the approval of a police officer (a police station would have a lot of cameras and security). Example 3: Roleplaying as a lawyer. Role-play Policy 10: Failure to Role-Play You must interact with all players that interact with you. Do not leave others behind unless with a valid roleplay reason. Do not combat log to avoid roleplay. To log off during a scene, you must get OOC consent of all members involved. Or you must wait fifteen minutes until the scene has ended. Example 1: Roleplaying with only your friends at your house for the majority of the time and not changing up the roleplay. Example 2: Staying AFK for several minutes multiple times (if you know you have to go, log off). Example 3: Logging off to avoid having to RP while being arrested. Example 4: Ignoring a player because you don’t like him ICly (do not ignore a player because of OOC reasons).
  4. Volume 2 - Third Party Application Policies Third Party Application Policy 1: Spamming Any type of spamming is not allowed! Long texts are not allowed on TeamSpeak and Discord. Third Party Application Policy 2: Wrongful Use of Forums The correct forum must be used for the topic used. All given instructions of the thread must be followed if issued from Executive Management on a pinned post. Third Party Application Policy 3: Wrongful Use of TeamSpeak You must use the correct channel for your activity. All given instructions of the channel must be followed if issued from Executive Management on a pinned post. All actions on TeamSpeak must be calm and mature. Only exception is using them for proper roleplay (must be approved by the CEO for IC use). Third Party Application Policy 4: Wrongful Use of Discord You must use the correct chat for your activity. All given instructions of the chat must be followed if issued from Executive Management on a pinned post. All actions on Discord must be calm and mature. Third Party Application Policy 7: Content All content must be professional and not contain any sexual, inappropriate, or uncomfortable content. If the section is approved by the CEO for other use, that is the only exception. Third Party Application Policy 8: Links & Downloads All links must follow all community rules. Any downloads or attachments must follow all community rules. Third Party Application Policy 9: Usernames / Profile Pictures / Signatures Usernames must follow all community rules. Profile pictures must follow all community rules. Signatures must follow all community rules. They may not be bigger than 500x500. Third Party Application Policy 10: Voice All voice activity must be calm and professional. The only exception is proper roleplay.
  5. Volume 1 - Community Policies Community Policy 1: Respect Respect must be shown to all members and staff members. Only exception for disrespect is proper roleplay. Community Policy 2: Discrimination Any type of discrimination will not be tolerated! Community Policy 3: Honesty / Lying Members must be honest to all members and staff members. Lying ICly is allowed. Any OOC lying to a staff member will not be tolerated! Community Policy 4: Reporting a Policy Violation Any victim or witness of any and all policy violations must report the violation on the player or staff report section of the forums! Any victim or witness of any and all staff policy violations must be reported to the staff report section of the forums! Community Policy 5: OOC Abuse of Power Any abusing of OOC power or privilege, will not be allowed! If you are given a special office or room, do not abuse the privilege! Being in the community is a privilege not a right! Community Policy 6: Threats Any type of threat to another person will not be tolerated! IC threats are allowed. Community Policy 7: Advertising Any type of advertising not related to State of San Andreas owned by B. Davis will not be allowed! You may advertise on appropriate sections (instructions given must be followed) or with the Chief Executive Officer’s approval. IC advertising is allowed if it doesn’t advertise a OOC item or person. Community Policy 8: Professionalism / Maturity While operating on any State of San Andreas server or application, you must be professional and mature at all times. Community Policy 9: Harm / Viruses Any publishing of a harmful item will not be tolerated! Any publishing of a virus will not be tolerated! Community Policy 10: Begging Any type of begging is not allowed! Community Policy 11: Distributing Community Only Items Any item created and owned by State of San Andreas may not be distributed without approval of the Chief Executive Officer. Community Policy 12: Chain of Command The Chain of Command must be followed at all times! The following is the organizational structure of WWG: Chief Executive Officer Chief Operations Officer Vice Presidents Managers or Leads Senior Supervisors For any feedback or general questions: Email: info@stateofsanandreas.org Community Policy 13: Activity All members must be able to dedicate five hours a week to State of San Andreas. If you are not able to do so, submit a LOA form. If you are a staff member, fill your appropriate LOA form. Community Policy 15: Privacy & Private Information All personal information shall not be shared to the public. And shall only be shared between the CEO and COO. Publishing any personal information without that person’s approval will not be tolerated! Publishing any sensitive community information without the CEO’s approval will not be tolerated! Spreading any false information will not be tolerated! Community Policy 16: Account & Account Responsibility You may only have one account of the following for our community. One Steam account One Forum account One Discord account One TeamSpeak account You may choose to have more but only one can be used for our community. Community Policy 17: Applying to Community To apply and be accepted in the community you must meet all qualifications. Any special treatment or biased decisions will not be tolerated! All applicants must be treated equally and unbiased. Community Policy 18: Loopholes Finding any exploits or loopholes for our community rules will not be tolerated! Community Policy 19: Other Policies Any other policies must be followed at all times! Any staff, department, or official organization’s policies must be followed at all times. All policy additions, removals, and modifications shall be approved from the CEO. Community Policy 20: Common Sense Common sense must be used at all times. If you know you can’t do it, don’t do it. Community Policy 21: Impersonation Any impersonation of another member or person will not be tolerated! Example: Do not claim to be a content creator, if you are not that person. Example: Do not claim to be a real life police officer, if you are not a real life police officer. We require evidence to be submitted for any claims of being a valuable person. If you decline or fail to submit evidence, the information will not be valid and result in a denial and appropriate administrative discipline. Any impersonation of a staff member will not be tolerated! Any impersonation or claiming to be the community will not be tolerated! Example: Creating a Discord claiming for it to be a official community discord. Community Policy 22: Termination Executive Management holds the right to refuse service to any member. They shall also hold the right to terminate any member with approval of the Chief Executive Officer. Community Policy 23: Policy Updates It is the duty of all members and staff members to be up-to-date to all community rule additions, removals, and modifications.
  6. WorldWideGaming Community Policy Created By: Erick Villasenor May 13, 2018 Baily Davis Chief Executive Officer Erick Villasenor Chief Operating Officer
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The Worldwide Gaming Community was founded in April of 2018. The community welcomes people from around the world to join one another and game together. Worldwide Gaming is strict on its community policies, but this is to ensure everyone works together to create a better gaming environment for their fellow gamers.

We welcome all new members with open arms, and look forward to providing everyone with the best and most professional atmosphere for gaming.